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    Spyfall is a game of intrigue, charm and confidence - or lack thereof, depending who you're playing with. In a top secret location, a spy is lurking, but this bumbling agent isn't quite sure where they are. Are they scoping out a school? Perhaps a circus or a crusader army? They can't be sure and must conduct some sleuthing to deduce the location. Everyone else, however, wants to expose the agent.

    In this social deduction game, brought to you by Cryptozoic Entertainment, one player is given the role of spy, with the remaining players just regular users of a given location. Only the non-spies are aware of where they are and are aiming to discover who has taken on the hidden role. The objective of the spy is to discover their location whilst maintaining their disguise.

    In turn, players ask one another questions, mainly in relation to their location, to complete their respective goals. Spies must try to bluff convincingly, as to dispel suspicion. Meanwhile, non-spies must respond in such a way that their allies can rule them out as suspects, whilst also remaining vague enough that the hidden location isn't exposed.

    What follows is a nail-bitingly tense, yet often hilarious series of interrogations. Players are encouraged to role-play their occupations indicated in the corner of their cards to both heighten the hilarity and introduce an interesting twist to gameplay. Then, following a vote called by a particularly paranoid player, or at the end of the eight-minute round, if the spy isn't discovered, they win!

    Within the Spyfall game box, there are 240 cards to represent the 30 different locations, along with the various roles within the establishments, and the spy cards. To help easily set-up each game, 30 zip lock bags are also provided. After the initial organisation, the set-up time is reduced to seconds.

    With accessible rules, lightning-fast setup time and a player count of up to eight, Spyfall makes for a fantastic party game.

    Player Count: 3-8
    Time: 15 Minutes
    Age: 13+