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Catch The Moon (2nd Printing)
Catch The Moon (2nd Printing)
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Catch The Moon (2nd Printing)

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    There are games that you just want to pull out and play with minimal fuss and set up, just to have a good time. Catch the Moon is one of those games. A simple concept with simple execution and a fun hook leads to lots of fun.

    Open the box and you’ll find a dice, some raindrop tokens, a plethora of wooden ladders and a plastic cloud shaped base. To set-up the game you will put the three ‘normal’ shaped ladders into the base randomly and you are ready. On your turn you roll the dice which will tell you that you must place a new ladder touching exactly one or two ladders or being the highest ladder on the cloud. Make any ladders fall or touch the cloud and you take a raindrop. Three raindrops ends the game and the person with the least raindrops wins. Easy.

    Stacking, or dexterity, games like this live or die on their accessibility and component quality, and catch the moon excels in both. Great quality at a more than reasonable price, and a gameplay loop that has everyone wanting ‘just one more go’.

    The clever thing about Catch the Moon is the ladders themselves. Awkward angles and missing rungs make you think you can pull off moves that you probably can’t and yet you often do. The starting ladders are deep enough in the base to give a lot of freedom and forgiving in placement. From thinking placing a new ladder that only touches one other ladder is impossible, you suddenly develop an unfounded confidence. This is easy! I’m a ladder stacking god you think, and sometimes shout at the other players, and then reality sets in as ladders come tumbling down almost as fast as your deflating ego.

    Catch the Moon is a fun game for all ages and stands out as something a little different in the stacking genre.

    Player Count: 1-6
    Time: 20 Minutes
    Age: 6+