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Dice Forge
Dice Forge
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Dice Forge

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    Dice Forge is a truly innovative game, customisable dice have been used in games before, but not with the richness of gameplay on offer here. Dice Forge is a beautifully illustrated, and well made game laced with engine building and a little luck.

    You start the game with two dice that are identical to everyone player’s dice. As the game goes on however you will have the opportunity to buy more dice face which you will use to replace existing ones in a ‘legoesque’ fashion. Cleverly the faces themselves are used to lever off the ones you are replacing.

    Every turn in the game you will choose to spend gold or shards. Gold is spent on new dice face which can give you more resources, or unique effects, and shards on cards which give one time bonuses, ongoing upgrades, or end game points. The super powerful cards obviously cost more shards and the big scoring one costs shards of both types - sun and moon. All this is tracked through your own player board which holds cubes in place really well, so rather than constantly fiddling with resource pieces you are just moving a tracker up and down.

    There is a variety of cards in the game meaning that the game contains some variety out of the box - you will not see, let alone use, all the powers and die faces in one game alone. The game plays quickly and well with all player counts, and despite not being a pure family game has gone down very well with children from the age of five up. This is because you can easily explain the possible outcomes of every move they might make. Although there is a little luck as a result of the dice, you get a generous amount of rolls (you roll and receive the resources on everyone’s turn, not just your own) and before long you have built dice that roll results you want pretty much all the time.

    Perhaps this is why it works so well - there is very little waiting around for other people to take their turns, you are either rolling your dice or watching what the other players are buying in case they grab something you wanted. Dice Forge comes with a great insert inside the box to hold the various pieces in place and is an easy recommendation for families and game night.

    Player Count: 2-4
    Time: 40 Minutes
    Age: 10+