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Forbidden Desert
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Forbidden Desert

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    Forbidden Desert is a game of survival from Gamewright and game designer Matt Leacock. Forbidden Desert is a co-operative game where you and your fellow players are searching the desert to recover a legendary flying machine that is supposedly powered by the sun itself. Moments before you arrive a sandstorm strikes your helicopter forcing a crash landing. You are now stranded, and your only hope is to find the flying machine and escape.

    In Forbidden Desert each player takes on the role of an adventurer each with their own special abilities, and each round each player will complete four actions then draw the sand cards to make the sand storm to move and bury the desert that you are trying to excavate.

    The actions that a player can take include, moving, removing sand tokens dropped by the storm when it moves, taking a machine part or excavate, meaning you can turn one of the desert tiles over to reveal items or the direction to the locations of the parts as eight of the tiles will point you in the direction of the four flying machine parts making each game different and unique.

    There is only one way to win the game, assemble the parts on the excavated landing platform. But there are three ways to lose; dying from thirst, if a player ever reaching the death symbol on their water canteen then the game is lost. Players will have to drink water each time a sun beats down storm card is drawn, being buried - when the storm moves it leaves sand behind and if you cannot place a sand token because you have run out you have all been buried alive. Finally, the game can be lost if you are all swept away, that is when the storm level reaches maximum.

    Can you survive the forbidden desert and fly away with the fabled flying machine powered by the sun or will you succumb to the storm, the sand or just thirst?

    Player Count: 2-5
    Time: 45 Minutes
    Age: 10+