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Cash N Guns 2nd Edition
Cash N Guns 2nd Edition
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Cash N Guns 2nd Edition

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    All the fun of a Mexican stand-off full of shifty gangsters in your very own home!

    Cash and guns is a bluffing game where you will be pointing foam guns at your friends and family with the aim of getting them to back down so you can take as much loot as you can for yourself. Each round of cash and guns starts with a selection of loot being delt into the middle of the table. Each player then chooses whether to load their gun with a one of their limited bang cards, or to leave it empty. Then everybody raises their weapons and points it at another player around the table. You then have the choice to back down or hold strong. Do they have a loaded gun or are they just bluffing? Anybody who backs down is safe but can’t get any loot. The remaining players reveal their cards and anybody who gets shot has to take a wound and also won’t get any loot. Anybody still standing gets to take a share of the loot. Get shot too many times and you’re out of the game.

    There is an element of set collection to cash and guns as certain loot types are worth more the more of that type you have. There are also optional unique roles for each gangster in the box which keeps everything nice and fresh. This is a nice quick game that definitely has some table presence and will have people laughing and joking.

    • Playing Time 30 minutes
    • The richest surviving gangster wins the game
    • 4-8 Players
    • Age 10+